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Hi there. My name is Genevieve. My family and friends call me Geny or Gen. I am blessed with two beautiful children (Aly & Max), two adopted furry babies (Malcolm & Bucky), and a partner who is so patient with me all these years.

You will see my daughter, Aly, in a lot of my own upcoming designs for women. (She is a college honor student {President's List} with many talents who is currently working hard on her associate's degree at a nearby community college to transfer to a university to get her degree in landscape architecture.) 

Max is my model for all boys only designs. He's in fifth grade right now and loves TaeKwonDo (He just got done on his 1st Dan rank!) and goes to Bill Cho's UTC 4 times a week after his classes. He is into math and science. He is also a sports car aficionado, and an avid fan of the tv shows BattleBots, MythBusters, Grand Tour and Top Gear. He wanted to become a biologist.

Bucky is our 11-year-old yellow lab who constantly follows me around and believes that he is a lap dog. I think a lot of you owners of yellow labs out there can relate to this (plus the "killer tail!"). He also shares the same birthday as Max's. 

Malcolm is our very picky, spoiled rotten 15 years old black cat (We adopted him when he was around 2-3 years old, and he is our mini black panther). He meows really loud whenever he is done using his litter box. That's our cue that he wanted it cleaned before he's going to EVER use it again! 😄 And he would ask for attention WHENEVER he wants to and not the other way around. 😂

In addition to my love of yarn, I also work full time as an Inventory Control & Quality Assurance team leader. I can cook (good cook for many - I should make my own recipe books 😁), bake, sew, anything crafts, and read anything online. I do not care to watch television shows. To me, you spend more time watching the commercial ads than the tv show itself. But I binge movie watch while working on my crochet designs.

I hope you find something you like on my site. I'll be adding more designs as I get them done so come back again soon. Do not hesitate to email me any time through my Contact page. 

Again, thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon.

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